Leveraging Digital Tools and Techniques to Communicate Research

At the same time that digital technologies have enabled new approaches to textual analysis, they are also transforming the horizons of scholarly communication. In this section, we call attention to two simple, but extraordinarily useful techniques that all scholars should be aware of.

The first is highlighting. This technique powerfully focuses the gaze of viewers by making one part of a text or image appear brighter than the rest. A presenter who wanted to isolate a particular phrase on a page, for example, can do this:

A detail in a picture can be highlighted in a similar way:

This page explains how to achieve this highlighting effect, as well as several other techniques related to it.

The second technique involves the uses of screen recording software, such as Camtasia or Screenflow. Most notably, such programs make it easy to both to create engaging movies about your research as well as greatly enhance your Powerpoint/Keynote slides. This page explains how.

The above are the two general techniques that are likely to be useful to the greatest number of researchers. In this third page, we will be introducing a series of techniques and tools that have more specific uses, but which many may find extremely useful.

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