Other Handy Tips and Tools

Shorthand: a glimpse of post-print texts?

Shorthand is a digital storytelling platform with two outstanding virtues: it is very easy to learn and use, and stories created on it often look wonderful. It offers the perfect laboratory for humanists with no coding ability, who wish nonetheless to create beautiful, interactive narratives that go beyond the affordances of the traditional printed page. A 5-minute tutorial gets you started. These tutorials will help harness the platform’s full expressive potential.

The essays in this collection, which appeared in the summer of 2020 from Australia National University Press, offer an example of how this platform can be used to communicate research in new ways.

For the past several years, Shorthand has been available to Harvard faculty for free use in classes. (Interested instructors should contact Academic Technology). The ease with which students are able to craft and share engaging, image-rich narratives on this platform make it a distinctive more attractive vehicle than MS Word for any essay assignments.

Frozio: Animating Still Images

Frozio is an iPhone/iPad app that enables you easily to transform a still image like this:

into a more dynamic movie or GIF like this:

This isn’t the only app that does this, but it works, intuitive to use, and inexpensive ($2.99 to remove watermark).

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